Blogging from Philly!

Next week delegates from all across America will gather in Philadelphia to nominate the 45th President of the United States.

Our convention week¬†will be historic. Taking place in the city that helped give birth to our nation as we declared independence, we will nominate the first woman to ever lead a major party’s ticket. Our mission in Philadelphia is clear: we will be working to bring our Party, and country, together and offer a different vision than that espoused by the GOP in Cleveland. And Orange County will have a front row seat with five delegates heading to Philadelphia.

Four of the delegates from Orange County were elected at the District Conventions on May 21 as pledged Clinton delegates. Joining me in Philadelphia will be Second Vice Chair Nan Nixon, Secretary Matt Pepper, and State Representative Graig Meyer. The fifth delegate, LGBT party leader and activist Jeff DeLuca, was elected as a pledged Sanders delegate at the State Convention on June 11. Regardless of our status as a pledged Clinton or Sanders delegate, all five of us are committed to ensuring that Hillary Clinton is elected as our next president, Roy Cooper as our next governor, and that Democrats make gains in the Congress, General Assembly, and Council of State.

We will be blogging from Philadelphia and welcome you to join us on this journey! #StrongerTogether

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